Direct mail is key.


Depending on the nonprofit organization, the direct mail channel often delivers between 60 and 80% of total revenue.


Are you looking to increase your current donor file? Is your organization interested in creating a donor base? Or, are you in need of maintaining and replenishing your house file?
Whatever your needs are, Faircom New York is committed to acquiring high value, long-term donors that will renew, upgrade, and eventually leave a planned gift to your organization. As the market becomes increasingly competitive, our team of strategic, data, and creative experts will work closely with your organization to develop an acquisition strategy that will fulfill your long-term program goals.
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Increasing donor retention is key to annual revenue growth, decreasing costs, and priming donors for upgrade and planned giving asks.
A strong, multi-channel renewal program (combined with an effective cultivation and acknowledgment strategy) will help your organization keep donors from lapsing or never giving again, and will move them up the donor pyramid. Faircom New York has worked with a number of organizations from a variety of sectors to establish successful, fully integrated renewal programs that provide a steady stream of revenue year after year.
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Donor Upgrades

Is your organization having trouble moving that $25 donor to the $50 level?  Are you trying to increase your pool of high dollar donors? Some packages just don’t seem to perform, while others exceed expectations. It’s important to know what your donors want and give them what they need to make a bigger gift.
To increase revenue annually, donors need to upgrade their giving, and we understand the frustrations of a stagnant file. And, we know that you can’t ask just any donor to upgrade; auditing the data is key to finding pockets of opportunity for upgrades.  Depending on your organizational needs, Faircom New York can develop a number of upgrade strategies for your program – whether it be a simple ask string test or high touch campaign.
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Monthly Donors

Monthly giving programs should be an essential part of any fundraising plan. We all know that sustainers are great for two reasons:  1) they provide reliable cash flow, and 2) they are the best prospects for planned giving!  Not only that, but growing your monthly donor file will increase donor retention and decrease costs (because you are not mailing them as much).
Faircom New York has extensive experience creating monthly giving programs and growing established ones. We can work with you to upgrade those donors that show promise in becoming a monthly giver and report back on how well they are performing. We get to know your donors and we make sure to give targeted messaging mixed with beautiful designs to make them want to give a gift every month.
Make donors fall in love with you, every month.

Make direct mail more effective by integrating with other fundraising techniques.

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