Integrate everything for top results

It makes sense: when your messaging and designs are consistent, you raise more funds.

Cross-channel Integration

Studies show that one of the top five reasons why a donor gave an online gift was because they were prompted by a direct mail appeal. More and more we are seeing donors react to a direct mail appeal by giving online. We’re also seeing a trend of donors who are targeted through multiple messages and channels opt into giving more gifts.
To align mail, online, and social media messaging, we recommend updating these channels based on program themes and stories featured in the direct mail. When a direct mail piece is sent – it is necessary to ensure that all other communications are consistent with the message in the mail. During periods where there are no mail campaigns, we help our clients develop a theme for each month and email, website, and social media channels are updated based on that specific theme.

Digital Integration

The most successful and robust fundraising programs are ones that offer donors the opportunity to give when they want and how they want. While many organizations are set up to receive gifts via mail, online, and social media channels – they have to to effectively integrate the various mediums to ensure that the donor experience is consistent.
The Faircom New York digital team works together to integrate our clients’ email messaging, online advertising, social media strategy, and website management. As digital has become increasingly in demand for direct mail and major donor fundraising programs, an offshoot of Faircom New York was created in 2015 called Faircom Digital.

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