How do you ask donors to leave you a gift?

A planned gift is often the largest gift that a donor will ever make.

Each year, bequests account for a staggering $22 billion in charitable dollars given.

Planned giving is of paramount importance to the financial health of any organization, and incorporating it into a strategic plan is critical for organizations of any size. There are four main purposes of planned giving marketing. First is to inform donors that they can leave a planned gift to your organization. Second, is to demystify the planned giving process. Third is to generate leads, and fourth is to explain the importance and benefits of planned giving.
Faircom New York is an expert at developing planned giving programs as an integrated component of fundraising and communications strategies. We identify the best message for your target audience, develop prospect lists for planned giving opportunities, create a range of online and printed materials for different segments of donors, and integrate planned giving messaging into your existing media.
We create tools that enable clients to proactively establish an ongoing, personal dialogue with donors about planned giving. Our clients are able to supply donors with the information they need to enhance their family’s well-being while simultaneously advancing their favorite organization’s mission.

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