Community Service Society – Planned Giving Postcard


Community Service Society Planned Giving

The Community Service Society (CSS) had never marketed planned giving before, but their data showed that their donors were prime candidates for just such an ask. FNY wanted to reach out before other organizations might hit these same donors, but we needed to start slowly as planned giving can be a stressful topic for some. Too much information too quickly would be detrimental to the overall goal.
FNY created a postcard that was tailored to a very specific segment of CSS donors: those who have given consistently over the past few years and have shown loyalty to the organization. The postcard was a great way to provide information quickly and simply. We included a multi-generational picture to emphasize the theme of “leaving a legacy” with an emotional tone, while at the same time a basic graphic helped to layout the financial benefits of leaving a planned gift for the donor and CSS.