KMG Ethiopia Brochure


KMG Ethiopia: branding and positioning


To introduce KMG Ethiopia, an indigenous grassroots organization, to the US fundraising market.

KMG Ethiopia envisions a society where women are free from all forms of discrimination and violence. They strive to create an environment where the values and rights of women are recognized and their talents and wisdom are nurtured. Working towards this future brings together a range of programs centered on women’s empowerment that span the spectrum of daily life, including economic and livelihoods work, programs that support health and well-being, supporting community-led development and mobilization of government and non-governmental partnerships to institute change at a macro-scale.


We developed the positioning message “I am whole”, which means that a woman is in control of her own body and life choices, able to access education, and able to contribute positively to her community as an active citizen. KMG Ethiopia’s programs create a positive cycle of the empowered woman, lifting her out of a negative cycle of woman as object/victim. The initiatives introduced to elevate women’s positions in society are mutually reinforcing, therefore strengthening the whole of the woman as an individual. This message extends to the visual of an unbroken circle as well, which we utilize in communications materials.

We created a brochure to introduce KMG Ethiopia potential supporters. The brochure concisely describes KMG Ethiopia and their work, and uses KMG’s images to illustrate their story.