New York Restoration Project – Acquisition


Industry-wide, acquisition packages are experiencing fatigue within 12-18 months. New packages that performed brilliantly in their first year are seeing results drop sharply within a year, especially within local markets. Like most groups, the New York Restoration Project (NYRP) acquisition control package averaged a nice response and gift in its first year, but a steady decline in results indicated that fatigue was setting in.


With one acquisition scheduled prior to fall fundraising, FNY acted swiftly to develop a completely new acquisition package with the goal of finding a winning control before year-end. To capitalize on NYRP’s popular MillionTreesNYC campaign, new donors were asked to help plant New York City’s millionth tree by giving to NYRP. To engage donors and build a stronger bond with the organization, prospective donors received a poster-size leaf directory that included 20 easily recognizable leaf images with information about various tree species planted by NYRP in the city. Prospective donors were encouraged to use the directory on their walks and various outings in NYC.


This new campaign just launched in the spring, and will have a follow up in the fall—we eagerly await the results!