Analyze + Plan = Strategy

Building a strategy is the first step before launching a fundraising program. Let us get you started.

Feasibility Studies

When embarking into fundraising and development it is easy to be daunted. It is a crowded market and it’s difficult to know which tools fit best into your development strategy. At FaircomNY, we are adept at analyzing the current market, profiling your competitors and identifying your strongest opportunities for revenue growth. Through a feasibility study, we can assist you in minimizing your risk in launching new fundraising programs by providing a tailored strategy to suit your particular strengths.
We have pointed expertise in examining the market on behalf of international organizations seeking to initiate a presence in the US, as well as a strong background in US fundraising that is an asset for domestic organizations seeking new opportunities for growth.
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Communications & Positioning

When it comes down to deciding where their donor dollars should go, a natural question for individuals to ask any organization is “What makes you different?” We can help you develop the strongest possible answer to that question by creating a unique positioning message and case for support to distinguish your organization from the competition.
As we identify your distinctive positioning, we will develop a document that serves as the guiding force behind all future communications and marketing materials. The case for support is the most important document in building a fundraising base. It is essential that this case convey the urgency and need connected to a given issue, as well as communicating how you are uniquely qualified to address that need. Stemming from these overarching strategy documents, we are can then support your team in developing a range of necessary collateral.
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