Mid-Level Donors: 5 Tips For An Effective Strategy

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Mid-level donors are critical partners in your fundraising program, helping to generate a pool of upgraded, unrestricted revenues from your annual fund, as well as providing an indispensable bridge to future major giving. If you aren’t yet convinced of the importance of mid-level giving, I invite you to explore the earlier piece from my colleague Sally Frank, “Make the Most of the Missing Middle”! She has included tips and tactics to help you build a list of current donors who already are or have the potential to become mid-level donors — a critical starting point to building a more intentional mid-level donor program.

As a next step, defining a special program that has built-in benefits for mid-level donors can help to add greater structure to mid-level donor stewardship. That means building a plan for program administration as well as crafting an attractive and exciting offer to your donor base — incentivizing them to upgrade and acknowledging that elevated level of commitment with valuable benefits. Below are some key steps to help you build a mid-level program that recognizes your donors for being indispensable partners in your mission.