Corinne Servily to Speak at NCDC Conference


What You'll Learn

Faircom New York is proud to announce that our President and CEO, Corinne Servily, will be presenting at the 50th Annual National Catholic Development Conference & Exposition (NCDC) on September 17.

The NCDC brings together religious organizations and fundraising professionals from around the world to “network, learn, share, play, and pray”. This year’s conference takes place in Chicago, IL from September 15-18.

Corinne will be presenting the following session with Daniel Mileno, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Catholic Advancement Office of the Archdiocese of New York, bringing together insights from both agency and nonprofit organization standpoints.


Breaking Down Barriers: Boosting results through cross-channel fundraising


Want to know the key steps to maximize your fundraising results? In this session, we will share the importance of cross-channel fundraising through key techniques to increase program performance, create a greater level of impact, and expand donor loyalty. Participants will learn that connecting your messaging between your online and offline channels is critical to your fundraising program. We’ll walk attendees through multiple case studies of successful multi-channel campaigns and you’ll walk away with proven strategies and how to effectively structure campaigns across channels.


Educate attendees about the importance of cross-channel fundraising. Learn the tips for success from a long-time leader in fundraising. Investigate the importance of consistent messaging across all fundraising channels.

If you are interested in learning more about the conference, you can visit

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