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Welcoming Our New Vice Presidents

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We are pleased to announce two new Vice President positions on the Faircom New York team: Barbra Schulman, Vice President of Integrated Marketing, and Ségolène Xavier, Vice President of Global Philanthropy.

In her new role as Vice President of Global Philanthropy, Ms. Xavier will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Faircom New York Major Giving and Institutional Fundraising team, as well as developing strategy to grow the department and enhance service offerings while promoting greater integration with the direct and digital marketing teams. Ms. Xavier joined Faircom New York in 2009, serving as Director of Communications as part of the agency’s Major Giving and Institutional Fundraising department. Prior to this, Ms. Xavier has been steeped in international marketing and communications, having worked in Switzerland for a major multinational marketing group. Ms. Xavier received her degree in Communications in France.

“Ségolène is a picture of dedication, professionalism and keen insight, and she is truly an inspiration by example for all who have the pleasure of working with her,” said Faircom New York President Corinne Servily. “Her years of living and working overseas have been an incredible asset to our team, and her experience will be invaluable to translating messages from foreign markets to the US for our clients.”

Ms. Schulman joined Faircom New York in 2016 as Senior Account Director in the agency’s Direct Marketing department, coming to the team with over 20 years’ experience in multi-channel campaign strategy and management. Prior to this, Ms. Schulman spent a decade with the March of Dimes, and she has extensive experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Ms. Schulman received her MBA from Columbia University and her BA from Tufts University.

Barbra Schulman will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the account management teams in her new role as Vice President of Integrated Marketing. Additionally she will be driving overall strategy and managing the integration of efforts between the digital, data and mail teams to ensure that client results are maximized.

“Barbra has impressed me with her skill and insight from the very start,” said Faircom New York President Corinne Servily. “She has an incredible track record of increasing client revenues through introduction of new program opportunities and improved data interpretation, and I know she will be a strong guiding force for the entire direct marketing team.”

Ms. Schulman and Ms. Xavier join fellow Vice Presidents Sally Frank, responsible for business development, and Stacey Fellone, responsible for administration and finance.

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