Our Expertise: Fully integrated approach to Fundraising

Whether your organization is looking to acquire new supporters or make the most out of your existing donor base, we can help.

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Our Services: How We Help You Move Your Donors

Faircom New York takes a holistic approach to raising funds.  The most important element of course is reaching the right person at the right time with the right message.  Therefore, at the core of any partnership we have with a client is our analysis of your data.  This informs every move we make.  After analyzing your data and pairing it with the creative that reaped the results, we offer a budget, strategy, copy, design, and production management to execute your campaigns across all channels.  Because our approach is holistic, we work on a retainer.  The value added for you in working with Faircom is your ongoing, consistent and reliable relationship with a team of Data Scientists, Strategy consultants, Channel Experts, Copywriters, designer and Production Managers who, working together, will raise funds for your mission. 

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