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Faircom New York

Whatever your mission, wherever you are based, Faircom New York will partner with you to raise funds via mail, digital, social media, mobile, peer to peer, or events.

With offices in New York and California, we partner with US and internationally-based nonprofits of all sizes and reach. What makes Faircom New York different is our brand of integration. When your message is layered by channel, capturing people at the right time, your ROI reaches maximum potential.

We are passionate about the cause you fight for.

To learn more about our work with internationally based nonprofits, please visit Faircom Global Philanthropy


Talking to donors about their legacy.

Talking to Donors about their Legacies

As a fundraiser, you probably know that now is the time that you should be talking to your donors about planned giving and how they can name your organization in their will.  But maybe you and your colleagues don’t know exactly how to do that.  It’s actually easier (and more enjoyable) than

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Donor-Advised Funds

What You Should Know (and Do) About Donor-Advised Funds

If you’re not familiar with Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs), it’s time to get started. This charitable giving vehicle holds great fundraising potential for your nonprofit, and understanding how you can unlock it will be game-changing.  DAFs contribute to 13% of overall giving today — more than digital, which is 8.5%. Additionally,

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Building a Mid-Level Giving Program

Make the Most of the Missing Middle: Building a Mid-Level Giving Program

Industry-wide, nonprofit organizations are investing in mid-level programs to generate more revenue. Implementing targeted programs to build major donor revenues is, of course, important to diversifying valuable fundraising income at the top of your donor pyramid. But organizations have historically forgotten the middle-tier that is both a critical to bridge

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Nurturing Donor Relationships

Nurturing Donor Relationships Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Through the pandemic response, an incredible shift has taken hold: rising public trust in nonprofits. Charities of all missions and sizes are stepping up to fill urgent gaps in the community and take additional steps for authentic relationship building. Central to this is stewardship! Learn more about these promising trends and how you can implement strong stewardship in your fundraising program to build long-term value and lasting donor relationships.

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Meet some of our clients

nonprofits need to reach supporters wherever they are: in person, in the mail, on their phone, or online.

Rather than focus on specific channels or giving levels,
we pride ourselves on our ability to craft INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNS that connect your donors in new and innovative ways across every fundraising medium.

We tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients, and we’re passionate about your cause. Whether you’re defending civil rights, expanding health services, or leveraging legal change —

we’re ready to raise funds and reach your supporters.

We are proud to be a founding member of the Nonprofit Alliance, an organization dedicated to a thriving nonprofit sector that has the resources and influence to meaningfully change the world.

Donor advised fund giving: what you need to know

At Faircom New York, we are prioritizing Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) giving and working intensely with our clients to optimize their chances of receiving DAF gifts. If you are a non-profit fundraiser, we hope that you will priotize DAF giving in your marketing plans.