Nonprofit Branding

Shaping perception through nonprofit branding is essential to your nonprofit’s success. Faircom New York’s branding team is  well-versed in creating nonprofit brands that convey clear values and make your nonprofit organization stand out.


A strong visual identity is necessary to stand out from the competition and create a strong first impression. Clean, consistent branding helps instill familiarity and trust among donors and non-donors alike. For new organizations, this may require creating an entirely novel identity, but even existing organizations can benefit from a brand refresh from time to time . We have a great deal of experience in both cases. When developing or refreshing a brand, we create:

  • A dedicated logo, which may be targeted organization-wide or specific to a special campaign initiative.
  • A unique color palette, with primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.
  • Any additional icons or graphic elements that can be used to enhance communications and marketing efforts.
  • A typography set, covering header and body fonts for print and digital mediums.
  • Additional items needed to support a full brand guidelines set can be identified as needed, such as articulating the character, tone, and values of supporting written communications

We can help your team Build a strong brand

MYGHF brand horizontal

A nonprofit’s branding is the way internal and external audiences perceive your organization – it’s the visual and written way you communicate who are you and what you do. Shaping this perception is essential to your nonprofit’s success. 

Ultimately, your brand should strengthen your internal identity and cohesion, it should serve your mission, stay true to your values and culture and sustain your social impact. Building a strong brand depends on many factors, such as colors, font and tone that accurately reflect your organization.

As your organization evolves over time, your brand will need room to evolve. Faircom New York is a Nonprofit Branding Agency that works with nonprofits on organizational branding, rebranding or a brand refresh. We also build branding for specific campaigns.

Our 4-step brand creation process

We listen
1. We Listen
We work with you to understand your unique history, impact and goals for the next stage of your growth. 
We listen
We ask
2. We ask
We conduct a survey of your existing partners, supporters, staff and board members to gather insight from your most committed stakeholders about what makes you so special in their eyes.
We ask
We design
3. We design
Our team works on unique concepts that reflect your vision, values and tone, including logo design that visually interprets tone and vision.
We design
We finalize
4. We Finalize
Once you have approved the winning concept, we create a full brand guide, including logo and guide for logo usage, color palette with primary, secondary and tertiary colors and typography for print and digital formats.
We finalize

Case Study: United Surgeons for Children

United Surgeons for Children (USFC) is part of the international NGO La Chaîne de L’Espoir, a leading global health organization established in 1994 by founding members of Doctors Without Borders and Doctors of the World. USFC is dedicated to expanding access to surgery in developing countries – creating a world in which all children, regardless of wealth or nationality, can have the opportunity to thrive in health. In preparation for their US launch, they needed an English name and an updated brand identity for the American market. 

Branding Communications USFC 1
United Surgeons for Children

We partnered with USFC to support this exciting new initiative, considering how to brand it and renew their written and visual communications so that they are distinct but aligned with their parent organization. To do so, we:

  • Executed a market and organization audit to identify their niche and American audience appeal, as well as identify areas of strength to capitalize on.
  • Developed a new, unique positioning message and case for support targeting American donors.
  • Articulated core themes and values for future communications. 
  • Created distinct name and brand/visual identity including a logo and brand style guide.  
  • Updated print and digital communications collateral to reflect the new identity, including a website, which can be seen here, and a brochure with program inserts as an effective tool to convey history and objectives. 

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Questions about our services or approach to fundraising?

We can customize a scope of work to respond to your greatest needs — building either a standalone project to fill essential gaps in the short term or looking at a longer-term relationship for ongoing strategy consulting. 

If you aren’t sure where to begin, we are eager to open up a conversation to explore more!