Human Rights Watch: Ukraine Emergency Appeal


When Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022, our partner Human Rights Watch immediately started to monitor the situation and investigate human rights abuses with experts on the ground. To fund this critical work, Human Rights Watch needed to quickly mobilize donors.  


Within 24 hours of the start of the war, we helped Human Rights Watch define organization messaging related to urgent actions, centering on the critical role of their experts who take action to preserve the rights of Ukrainians and document abuses.  

We quickly put together an email, a landing page, a lightbox for the homepage of the website, and accompanying social media ads to run immediately. Since the beginning of the crisis, 15 additional emails have been developed and sent. Copy is personalized based on the supporter’s status and provides updates from the field. Urgency in the language is reinforced with matching gift offers and deadlines to incentivize donors.  


As of April 2022, the return on investment for Human Rights Watch was over 400%.  

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