Giving Tuesday Now 2020

In late March, Giving Tuesday, the groundbreaking global generosity movement, announced a global day of giving set to take place on May 5, 2020 as an emergency response to COVID-19.

This news was met with excitement in the nonprofit world as Giving Tuesday 2019 raised over 2 billion dollars online. Currently, many organizations are struggling with a myriad of new challenges caused by COVID-19 including how to continue hitting fundraising targets.

The unprecedented announcement gives all nonprofits an equal amount of time to plan on how to capitalize on the awareness, engagement, and fundraising we’ve historically seen with this successful day of giving.

This is an opportunity to present authentic content that truly resonates with your audiences such as videos filmed on smartphones or webcams from leaders of the organization. As for smaller nonprofits, this is the time to shine because of less competition due to the short timeline. 

Check out some of our Giving Tuesday 2019 and recent samples for inspiration:

Based on lessons learned from running successful Giving Tuesday campaigns, FNY recommends prioritizing the following:

1. Email Marketing

  • Schedule
    • At least 5 emails; 1 week before, 1 day before, 2 day of (5/5 am + pm lift note), and a thank you email after the campaign ends.
  • Email banners and mid-copy graphics 
    • Gifs are common and very engaging additions to banners or mid-copy graphics. 
    • Donate buttons that are red and signal urgency help reinforce your messaging.
    • Videos are engaging and can create a sense of community especially if the leader of your organization is featured along with clips of your organization’s impact. 
      • Hint: This is a great element for your advertising efforts too.
  • Email messaging
    • Include a brief on Giving Tuesday Now, but messaging should highlight your mission and how your organization is making an impact during COVID-19. 
    • Really focus on the need and why someone should donate to you on this day.
    • Matching gifts and goal setting will also help strengthen your GTN campaign.
  1. Online Advertising 
  • Schedule
    • Advertising should start 1-2 weeks prior to May 5th. 
      • Hint: Ads should start around 4/24 and run until midnight on 5/5.
  • Channels
    • Advertising channels should consist of Facebook/Instagram, Google Paid Search, Google Display Network, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    • Not only paid posting, but organic social posting is strongly encouraged to expand reach and engagement. 
  • Takeaways 
    • Create digital ads to capture the surge in online activity associated with staying at home.
    • Create a social organic post calendar to create awareness among your followers leading into 5/5.
  1. Website Optimization 
  • What to include
    • Website light boxes/pop-ups and trackable landing pages should be part of the digital mix. 
  • Why it matters
    • Light boxes ensure that every web visitor is aware of the current campaign even if they didn’t previously receive an email or served an ad. 
    • Through trackable landing pages, you can gain insight from ad platforms, email, and website analytics to inform future campaigns. 
    • Google Tag Manager is highly suggested for implementation on landing pages for seamless reporting across digital channels. 
      • Hint: Google Analytics should hold this information. 
  • Donations
    • Optimize your donation page to maximize response rates and average gift
      • Hint: Lower ask strings and pushing monthly giving is key. 
  • Takeaway
    • Integrate messaging related to COVID-19 and Giving Tuesday Now 2020 into all relevant marketing communications, including Google Grant and Google Paid Search ads.

Giving Tuesday Now has the potential to be one of the strongest appeals in the coming weeks. If there ever was a campaign to donate to during COVID-19, this is it!  

Give your donors and prospects the opportunity to give to YOU on this day.

If you have any questions, our team is here to help. You can contact us at any time.

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