What is a nonprofit positioning statement?

A nonprofit positioning statement is your organization’s reason for being. It is the core idea you want to communicate in a simple, concise way about the work that you do, why you do it, how it’s unique and why it matters.

Your positioning is different from your vision statement, branding or tagline. It clearly defines:

  • Why your organization exists
  • The problem your organization tackles
  • How your programs are impacting the world
  • What makes your organization uniquely qualified over your competitors. 

An internal tool

Your positioning statement is an internal tool, which means that you have the freedom to incorporate more boastful language and confidently define what makes your organization unique. The positioning should receive buy in from major stakeholders within your organization before developing specific messaging to communicate to external audiences. It is important that your team understands your nonprofit’s positioning statement, why it exists and where to use it.

Applying your positioning message to external communications

The core of all your external communications should circle back to your positioning statement. The statement itself should be both simple and concise. 

In short, you should reflect your organization’s positioning statement in your marketing, communications and fundraising efforts.

Why does your nonprofit positioning statement matter?

Strong positioning makes a big difference! Well-positioned organizations have clearer communications and build up a consistent narrative of positive messages. They receive more engagement and boast higher revenues. 

Without positioning, your nonprofit is at risk of inconsistent communications that will confuse your stakeholders like partners, donors and prospects. And, you run the risk of being mistaken for other organizations doing similar work in your field.

Faircom New York helps nonprofits craft strong positioning statements, making sure that your organization stands out from the competition.

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