Faircom is proud to announce our newest client:  The National Hemophilia Foundation.  We have been retained for strategic consulting and production management services for their national direct mail and digital fundraising programs.  The work will be fully integrated across all channels. 

Corinne Servily, says: “I am honored and thrilled to partner with National Hemophilia Foundation whose work I have admired for a long time.  Faircom New York has a long history of helping internationally recognized medical research teams to raise funds to find cures for everything from cancer to Ebola. With threats of government budget cuts for both health care and critical research, the time has never been more urgent to focus on collecting private funds for these sectors.”

We intend to deploy every strategy and tactic in our arsenal to maximize National Hemophilia Foundation’s private fundraising goals while keeping their ROI in great shape. 400,000 people suffer from Hemophilia – and 75% of them lack proper treatment – and 1% of all Americans have von Willebrand disease, a blood clotting disorder that also falls under the umbrella of the Foundation’s work. If Faircom New York can make a difference in these life threatening and quality of life inhibiting diseases, then we are all richer for it.  Our job is to raise funds for our clients, but in the end, it is our clients’ missions that motivate us each and every day.”

The National Hemophilia Foundation account will be led by Barbra Schulman, the person behind the fundraising force of March of Dimes. Barbra will be supported by Faircom New York’s team of dedicated statisticians and our digital team whose for integrated digital campaigns maximize overall revenues and ROI for a roster of over 30 clients.

 If you’d like to talk about this new partnership or anything else that piques your interest on our site, please call Sally Frank at 212-727-3876.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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