Arolsen Archives: Brand Awareness Advertising Campaign on Facebook


The Arolsen Archives are an international center on Nazi persecution with the world’s most comprehensive archive on victims and survivors of National Socialism. The collection has information on 17.5 million people and belongs to UNESCO’s Memory of the World, as an important source of historical knowledge that continues to inform society today.

The Arolsen Archives reached out to Faircom New York to get help in developing their presence in the United States. They had two goals:

  • Recruit volunteers for #EveryNameCounts, a campaign through which the Arolsen Archives is building an online memorial for the victims of Nazism.
  • Raise funds to diversify their sources of revenue



To reach these goals, the first step we needed to take was to introduce the Arolsen Archives brand to the US market. One of the ways we accomplished this online was by running Facebook ads inviting their target audience to like and follow the Arolsen Archives’ page on the platform.

To maximize the results, we targeted individuals based on the interests they have expressed on the platform such as historical preservation and World War II, and location (US).

Faircom New York prepared two sets of ads with the same copy but different images, in order to test what works best with the Arolsen Archives’ prospective audience.



In just two weeks, the Arolsen Archives gained 2,512 American followers on Facebook, all with a strong interest in the organization and high potential to engage. In addition, over 585 Americans visited the Arolsen Archives’ website to learn more about their mission.

Finally, testing the creatives allowed our team to better understand the profile of Arolsen Archives’ US audience and develop more robust strategies for the next campaigns.

Overall, this campaign increased the Arolsen Archives’ visibility in the US market and created as a strong foundation for other successful brand awareness and audience engagement campaigns.

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