Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Foundation


The Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Foundation (MYGHF) works to dramatically change the health outcomes of the most vulnerable, particularly children, by improving comprehensive, advanced cardiac care available to all people in need, free of charge.

MYGHF is a U.S.-based charitable organization that supports health programming in Egypt. Specifically, they focus on three program pillars operating at the Aswan Heart Centre: provision of state-of-the-art, free medical care; pushing the boundaries of science and medicine through research; and training the next generation of surgeons and medical professionals. This work will soon be expanded through a Center of Medical Excellence in the new administration capital outside of Cairo.

Led by globally-renowned heart surgeon Prof. Magdi Yacoub, the organization determined that their next chapter called for an updated brand identity that distinguished MYGHF in the crowded American philanthropic landscape, while also synthesizing the organization’s hospitals and programs in a manner that would encourage support from American donors.


In order to distinguish itself to potential donors, we proposed a full rebranding of the organization, stepping back to square one to focus on their messaging, communications and brand identity. To prepare for a relaunch of the organization in the U.S., we focused on the following:


Positioning and Case for Support:

  • Through a landscape review and more in-depth benchmark analysis of MYGHF competitors, we identified core messages and values that conveyed the niche of the organization.
  • This was built into a positioning statement first—which expresses from an outside-in perspective how an organization/brand fulfills a need in a way that competitors do not.
  • This was then built into a Case for Support, a kind of “prospectus” for donors that makes the case for investment in the organization.
  • From here, we identified core themes and values that would impact each of the next developments.


Logo Creation:

  • MYGHF aims to provide comprehensive and advanced cardiac care to all people in the world regardless of wealth or background. In addition, through their work they aim to dramatically alter the landscape of global cardiac health, beyond the borders of Egypt to extend throughout the Middle East and Africa.
  • Thus, we created a logo that conveys a message of warmth, care and universal goals: a ribbon wrapped in the form of a globe, shielding and protecting the hearts of all.


Brand Style Guide:

  • This logo set the stage for a full brand style guide complete with a color palette, typography, logo, and icon usage rules. Each element was carefully chosen to represent the foundation.
  • For example, the red represents the heart and the passion of MYGHF, even drawing the exact red from the realistic color of the heart. The blue is the color of the sky and water, which are essentials of human life, while speaking as well to the field of health and hospital care.
  • Supplementing this further, we laid out tone guidelines that respected the core values of the organization: compassion, inclusion, sustainability, innovation and excellence. This meant directing communications in a warm, human-centered tone that balanced accessibility, professionalism and community.



  • In order to offer MYGHF an immediate online presence, we developed a website landing page as we work to construct a more robust website which will represent the organization is in the U.S.
  • The website will define the Foundation’s mission and values while emphasizing the need to raise funds to support Magdi Yacoub’s lifesaving work in Egypt.


Print Collateral:

  • A brochure is an effective way for donors to understand MYGHF’s history, objectives, and goals.
  • We focused energy on one print and digital design to introduce the organization as a whole, built to be highly visual and engaging in the manner laid out by the brand guidelines.
  • Here, donors can learn more about Magdi Yacoub and the Foundation’s commitment to reach even more children, to train even more surgeons and health care professionals and to break through the next barriers of medical discovery.
  • A subsequent presentation deck to introduce the new Cairo center will follow a a tailored fundraising tool.

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