The Fund for Global Human Rights: Diversifying Fundraising for Robust Revenue Growth


The Fund for Global Human Rights (the Fund) was founded in 2002 with strong buy-in and support from large foundations, who have continued to constitute the bulk of funding for the organization. The organization’s team was concerned that over-reliance on a small number of significant funders left them vulnerable over the long term.


We developed a plan of action to review the market more broadly, as well as peer/competitor organizations and their fundraising. This allowed us to identify the best opportunities for growth over the long term, answering key questions like:

  • WHO is giving to support similar missions and programs?
  • HOW are they making their contributions?
  • HOW MUCH are they giving in support of these programs?
  • WHY are they giving?

We coupled this with an audit of the Fund’s small but generous donor base, examining year-over-year trends like donor and revenue retention, reactivation rates, upgrade/downgrade behavior, base composition and segmentation, and more. Combined with the information from the market, this enabled us to position the Fund against peer groups and see how the organization could better utilize its existing base alongside new approaches to expand.


Our audit and all findings were prepared in a summary report with recommendations for the Fund’s team to expand their targeting, including a prioritization of key audiences and markets, and utilize existing resources more effectively towards their goals. This included a testing scenario to establish a strategic approach to individual fundraising, which will be rolling out in the next fiscal year.

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