UNHCR-Hong Kong: Identifying Avenues to Grow Mid-Level Revenue


UNHCR-Hong Kong benefits from a large, diverse base of supporters with three well-developed giving tiers covering individual, mid-level, and major donors. The organization recently introduced a light-touch relationship fundraising program for mid-level audiences but wanted to grow this base for greater returns.


Our broad-based program audit looked at giving history and trends across all audiences, and we also specifically looked at the donor journeys of individuals who upgraded to mid-level and major giving over time. This allowed us to inform future targeting recommendations among “lookalike” individual donors who exhibited similar traits and histories to their current higher-dollar audiences. We also explored various factors like channel and appeal responsiveness, timing and pace of solicitations, and lapsed donor performance.


A final report was shared with the UNHCR-Hong Kong team that presented all findings of the audit across donor audiences, keying in on recommendations to improve donor retention, conversion to recurring giving, channel integration, and targeting for upgrades out of the individual giving audience to higher-level gifts. We likewise shared recommendations to improve mid-level donor qualification connected to relationship fundraising and processes for handover to major gifts managers.  

Targeting and upgrade recommendations were implemented from the end of 2021, with preliminary performance showcasing very promising response rates and average gift, resulting in a Cost to Raise a Dollar that is well under $0.25, which is excellent, and a strong ROI.  There was also a large gift of HKD $500,000 in response to the campaign. 

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