Girls Who Code: Year End Email Campaign


For over 6 years, Girls Who Code (GWC) has aimed to achieve gender parity in computer science by 2027. So far, GWC has reached 90,000 girls of all backgrounds throughout the United States with programs such as two-week summer coding courses, supportive after-school programs for elementary and high school girls interested in computer science, and on-campus networking between GWC alumni and other young women for collaboration opportunities and exclusive meet ups with industry professionals and companies.

Previously, GWC sent very few fundraising emails and were looking to invest in growing a strong and integrated program that corresponds with their newly launched direct mail program. November and December are the most lucrative months for nonprofits to raise funds and that is precisely why we helped GWC plan, develop, and effectively implement their year-end campaigns to drive stronger donations and upgrade donors.


To start off the year-end giving season, FNY helped GWC segment their audiences based on giving history and affiliation with the organization so communications could be tailored to each audience. We developed a branded email template that remained consistent across email communications and highlighted the logo, a changing banner design, mid-copy graphics, call to action buttons, and a standard footer.

The calendar included a mix of cultivation emails around holidays paired with select appeals around Giving Tuesday and year-end. Using a mix of static images, GIFs, and various calls to action, campaigns were integrated on social media and the website with a dedicated landing page. A shopping list of items was developed with suggested giving levels that demonstrate the impact of each donation.

Emails highlighted the broad reach and impact GWC has in girls in the US. As we neared year-end, the urgency in tone increased and a countdown to midnight on 12/31 was included. All donors were thanked after the campaigns ended with a cultivation that outlined goals for the upcoming year.


  • Total revenue brought in over 18% increase to both direct mail and email channels.
  • Raised clickthrough rates by over 36.48% and decreased unsubscribe rates by 27.78% and bounces by over 68.22% from when they were first onboard due to various tactics: improved design and consistent messaging, targeted audiences more uniquely based on history with GWC, language referenced giving history or if an audience member was an alumni/parent/partner, included more mid-copy graphics, and shortened copy with asks higher in the design.

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