Sustaining Impact with Monthly Giving

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As fundraisers, we know the unwavering truth: nonprofits thrive on ongoing support from donors who believe in their mission.

At Faircom New York, we know firsthand the transformational impact that sustainers can have on both nonprofits and the causes they champion.

Today, we explore the importance of monthly donors and spotlight why this mode of giving has become a driving force behind sustainable and life-changing impact as we navigate softness during 2023.

Build Sustainable Revenue With Monthly Giving

Recurring donations create a steady and predictable stream of revenue, empowering nonprofits to plan for the future, allocate resources strategically, and embark on ambitious projects that address long-term goals. The reliability of monthly donors ensures that vital services, such as healthcare, education, and humanitarian aid, remain accessible to those in need, regardless of external economic fluctuations.

Starting with smaller sustainer match pushes throughout the year or including a special monthly giving P.S. in campaigns are the easiest ways to recruit.

Empower Donors as Changemakers

Sustainer giving empowers donors to become genuine changemakers. By committing to a monthly or annually scheduled donation, donors forge a deeper connection with the causes they support. They become part of a community that collectively strives for meaningful change, amplifying their individual impact in the process. The act of giving becomes a conscious commitment to making a difference, cultivating a sense of purpose that transcends the simple act of giving.

This echoes the importance of messaging and special benefits for these donors – tangibility in the face of the current financial outlook will be extremely important as generosity has been at its lowest point in recent months.

Accessibility + Affordability = Diverse Donor Base 

Unlike larger lump-sum donations, which might be unattainable for some, monthly gifts allow individuals to make a significant impact in small, manageable increments. This accessibility fosters a broader and more inclusive donor base, united by their shared dedication to effecting positive change.

All organizations want and need younger donors, but we need to make it easy for them to give. Looking at your donation form process will be crucial to make sure mobile giving and alternative payment options, especially Apple pay and Google pay, are set up in a seamless manner.

Fueling Long-Term Initiatives

The cumulative effect of monthly donations can be truly transformative. By providing a reliable funding source, these sustained donations enable nonprofits to launch and sustain ambitious, long-term initiatives.

From building schools and funding scholarships to supporting research and innovative programs, monthly donors play a pivotal role in driving the realization of visionary projects that leave an enduring legacy.

The overall strategic approach will be key as monthly donors require regular cultivation and impact updates. 

Nurturing Donor Engagement and Loyalty

Monthly giving fosters a meaningful relationship between donors and nonprofits, anchored in a sense of trust and loyalty. Regular updates on the impact of their contributions reinforce the value of their ongoing support, nurturing a sense of pride and fulfillment in being part of something greater than themselves. These loyal donors often become advocates, sharing their experiences with friends and family and encouraging others to join the cause.

Sharing regular updates in the form of video thank you’s, knowledge quizzes, donor surveys, testimonials from beneficiaries,  impact numbers, and so on, will further cultivate and strengthen the relationship with sustainers.

Monthly giving is more than just a financial commitment; it is an embodiment of hope, compassion, and determination.

Together, let us continue to embrace the transformative power of monthly giving and pave the way for a future defined by solidarity, progress, and unwavering hope.

About the author
Carla San Vicente
Senior Account Director of Digital Marketing at Faircom NY

Carla brings over 10 years of marketing experience to the FaircomNY team. From her time at Montclair State Campus Recreation, she helped re-brand and strengthen their digital presence on social media, web, and email. She offers a unique and personalized approach to digital marketing implementation and strategy. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. For leisure, she enjoys visiting museums, hiking, and an avid reader of social science books.

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