Webinar: Is direct mail marketing still relevant today as a fundraising tool?

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It might surprise you, but direct mail is still very much alive and accounts for the majority of direct marketing response annual giving. In this session we dive into the question: is direct mail still relevant today as a fundraising tool? We explore why acquiring, cultivating, and renewing donors through direct mail is still a critical source of nonprofit revenues while providing insight into key topics that can help you judge mail’s value-add to a comprehensive development strategy, including:

  • What are the metrics to judge if your program is working? (e.g., cost to raise a dollar, cost per new donor, retention, upgrade/downgrade)
  • Is mail an effective pipeline for mid-level and major donors?
  • Are mail donors a valuable source of planned gifts (i.e., bequests) and donor-advised fund giving


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About the author
Diana Lee
Associate Vice President of Integrated Marketing

Diana has over 13 years of experience in direct response fundraising. She launched her career at New York cultural institutions like The New York Public Library and the Whitney Museum of American Art, where she managed the membership and Annual Fund programs. Prior to Faircom, Diana oversaw the fundraising campaign strategies for organizations ranging from environmental to advocacy to animal welfare. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a B.A. in European history and still loves traveling through the continent exploring all the castles, churches, and historical sites. She currently works with Learning Ally, National Hemophilia Foundation, and National Urban League, among others.

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