2020 is the year to ask your donors for gifts of stock!

Your donors deduct the full value of the stocks donated while avoiding any capital gains taxes. Gifts of stock are significantly larger than cash gifts, even from the same donor.


  • Stock gifts can be up to 10 times larger than cash gifts from the SAME donor!
  • The stock market gains in 2020 alone equal 25% of US GDP— that’s a lot of money and a lot of tax consequences!
  • Stock gifts are fully tax deductible at the value they are the day they are given.
  • Donors can deduct the full value of their stock AND avoid capital gains.
  • Most donors make donations of appreciated assets during the last week of December— even the last day!


  • Be direct!  Ask them specifically for a gift of stock.
  • Segment donors who already gave gifts of stock in the past and ask them to do so again.
  • Make it easy.  
    • Provide a widget, 
    • provide your stock account information, 
    • provide a contact person within your organization.
  • Ask by email
  • Ask by mail— just make sure to get the mail out asap, because the donors have to give before Dec 31 to get their 2020 deduction.
  • Add the stock giving widget and account information to your donation page.
  • Create a pop-up on your website
  • Add it to your social media advertising
  • Promote a stock giving specific matching gift from a generous donor. 

The bottom line: it’s never too late to jump into end-of-year fundraising. Don’t miss out on this opportunity by thinking you have to wait for the perfect strategy, branding, or content to reach out to your supporters. People want to give generously at this time of year.

Looking for support? Please reach out to Sally Frank, at sally@faircomny.com.

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How do you manage VUCA in your fundraising plans?

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