By Ségolène Rabel, Jr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Email marketing is one of the most important fundraising tools to generate online donations. But with most email users receiving over 30 emails each day, how do you stand out from the crowd and engage with these potential donors?

Good news, we’ve got some answers.

  1. Tell a story

When sending appeals, it’s important that you convey a story and appeal to your prospects. Sticking with this basic structure is sure to increase your results:

  • Vividly describe the problem you’re facing and stir some emotion,
  • Let the donor feel like they can make a difference
  • Explain where the money goes, and
  • Add urgency with a strong call to action. You have to fire up your recipients with a strong story, so make sure the first few sentences hook them in.
  1. Keep it short!

Imagine trying to read a 5-paragraph email on your phone. Long emails often lead to high unsubscribe rates and low click through rates. Two or three paragraphs should be enough to tell your story.

  1. Get emotional and factual

It is important that potential donors understand why their contribution is so essential to making a difference. Emotional appeals with a strong story will pull at the heartstrings while numbers and facts will legitimate your organization.

  1. Add interactive elements

An easy way to increase your click-through-rate is to add an interactive element. A video, downloadable gift, or infographic would encourage recipients to click through.

  1. In-body links

Make sure you include links to your landing page at the top of each email. Many recipients don’t read through to the bottom, so having a banner or first sentence link could increase click throughs.

Oh, and just so you know, in 2015, 67% of consumers used a smartphone to check their emails, so don’t forget to have mobile responsive design!

Interested in partnering with us to increase your online fundraising? Reach out to FaircomDigital for quotes!

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