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For over 25 years Faircom New York has been helping nonprofits raise funds to change the world. Today, we are proud to introduce our newest partners:

Developing your fundraising initiatives require months of organization, planning, and brainstorming. So, what happens next? How will you manage gifts and donations, collect data and analytics, create individualized donor profiles, schedule reports, manage your funds, crowdfund, and further your CRM?     

Luckily, one-stop-shop fundraising tools exist to make your nonprofit (and your life) a lot easier!  

There are a plethora of fundraising tools available to nonprofits, but which one fits your needs the best? Are you looking for Peer to Peer Fundraising, a Donor Database, Donor Management, etc.? 

Look no further, here are some fundraising tools available today:  

Ultimately, you will be able to decide what works best for you and your nonprofit’s needs. Looking deeper into your fundraising efforts with tools specifically designed to help manage your program(s) is imperative during the busy seasons of giving.   

We can help you! Our in-house team provides an integrated approach to move your organization up the donor pyramid. Interested in cultivating and upgrading your donors? You can learn more about our services and contact us today, we are happy to help! 

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