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We are proud to announce that Faircom New York has been awarded Best Non-Profit Fundraising Agency – New York by Wealth & Finance International as part of their 2016 Business Awards, for the second year in a row!

The Wealth & Finance Business Awards recognize businesses across industries that demonstrate excellence through their work and people. Elements considered include innovation in their field, outstanding results for their clients, change-makers in their industry, and clear superiority over competitors.

Our Founder and President Corinne Servily was quoted: “I am honored and proud of my staff for this recognition. I recall the early 1990s, we were fewer than five people – it is incredible now with a staff five times as large in New York, and offices in Paris and Geneva.”

Wealth and Finance International noted our growth and nimbleness as distinguishing factors for the 2015 and 2016 awards. While our agency began with a strict focus on direct mail, the changing and increasingly crowded market demanded more. Servily pushed for greater integration to help nonprofit clients be competitive in a 21st century world. Today, we proudly supplement direct mail strategy, creative and production with advanced, proprietary data modeling to maximize performance; digital marketing to streamline and integrate channels; and high touch, personalized approaches to high net worth individual and institutional funders.

Servily continued: “The dedication of our staff is inspiring. They react with ingenuity to develop tailored strategies for clients, no matter the mission, size or budget. It means we can enact fundraising solutions for clients at the local, national and even international level.”

In her final reflection on this recognition, Servily noted: “My goal has always been to adapt to the times, so that our clients raise the funds needed to keep their missions moving forward. This award is an honor, but I am more proud for what it says about the services and support we offer to clients, how these have evolved to maximize clients’ growth, and what Faircom New York has been able to contribute to incredible missions both at home and abroad.”

To read more about the Wealth and Finance Awards, please visit their site.

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