Written by Sally Frank, Vice President of Business Development

The World Association of Children’s Friends (L’AMADE) is a Monaco based NGO founded over 50 years ago and headed by Princess Caroline. They focus on helping over 40,000 vulnerable children around the world each year through direct interventions and partnerships with other NGO’s and entrepreneurs determined to improve the quality of lives of children everywhere. Each year, AMADE has a conference in which it brings together its network of partners to exchange information regarding best practices, innovations, key issues, ideas and programs addressing the welfare of children. This year’s event took place in Monaco on April 11th and 12th.

Faircom was honored to be the only presenter, of 20 organizations invited, to address the important issue of fundraising to maintain and enhance the capacity of those intervening in the field. Our niche of raising funds in the US for organizations based in Europe and Africa allowed us to discuss the challenges of raising funds internationally and the importance of the US market in private fundraising. We outlined several case studies of our own clients and how, with honed strategies and assiduous follow through, we secured major gifts for them from American donors.

The topics covered at the conference were fascinating. They ranged from bringing digital access and educational materials to the most remote corners of the earth, to providing critical identification to Africa’s unidentified children (a shocking 50%!), to improving access to medical care and education, social justice for victims of abuse, access to care for those suffering from orphan diseases, and so much more.

We at Faircom are always humbled and so incredibly impressed by the work that our clients and partners do in the field. What unified us all at this conference was a relentless pursuit of humanity. We were so proud to have been part of it and so thrilled to have witnessed our colleagues’ important and oftentimes very moving presentations.

AMADE’s model of partnership results in bringing the best experts where they are most needed and saving duplication of efforts, thereby saving donor money and investing it where it can have the most impact. Allowing this level of interchange multiplies the value proposition.

We thank AMADE for inviting us to present and for allowing us to engage with such a smart, industrious and compassionate group of humanitarians.

Here is a list of organizations we were proud to join as speakers at the conference:

ACAY Philippines – France
UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency
Terre des Hommes Italia
ONU Femmes République démocratique du Congo
ONU Femmes
SOS Sahel
Association des Paralysés de France
Sunna Design
Bibliothèques Sans Frontières
Zero Mothers Die
Association Française de l’Ataxie de Friedreich
HEAL Africa
See and Smile

For more information, please feel free to call Sally Frank, Vice President of Business Development at 212-727-3876.

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