Today, we join with charitable nonprofits from around the United States to call for a $60 billion support package to allow these organizations—essential to our communities’ well-being—to maintain and expand operations in the face of the spreading COVID-19 pandemic.

Precisely at the moment when economic anxieties will most certainly lead to a pull back on the charitable contributions that keep nonprofits’ doors open, individuals and families will depend even more heavily on the vital services that nonprofits offer—including medical care, food aid and shelter, just to name a few. 

Those organizations not involved in immediate relief efforts are likewise stepping up to offer solidarity and comfort, and as valued, irreplaceable members of the vibrant cultural mosaics of our community, they must be supported to weather the storm.

In a letter signed by nearly 200 organizations, active in life-saving and life-changing programs in every corner of the world, trusted leaders from every charitable subsector—from health to the arts, education to humanitarian relief—have provided a clear roadmap of support that we ask Congress and the White House to act upon. It includes:

  • Support to retain the 12 million workers employed in the charitable nonprofit sector, responsible for 10% of the nation’s GDP.
  • Business continuity relief to ensure that charitable nonprofits can continue their operations and expand them to meet urgent needs in COVID-19 response efforts, including emergency stimulus funding to help local and national organizations adversely impacted by the pandemic.
  • Incentivizing continued charitable giving with an above-the-line or universal charitable deduction for all Americans, applying to contributions made through 2021.
  • Protection for charitable nonprofit employees on the frontlines of response with paid family and medical leave, supported by offering payroll tax credits to nonprofits of all sizes that offer such employee benefits in response to COVID-19.

Charitable nonprofit organizations and their teams are ready to serve our communities, both at home and around the world, as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic together. In many cases, they put their lives on the line so that we can be cared for, comforted and saved. As they support us, we must also stand up to support them.

Please join Faircom New York in solidarity with the charitable sector as we call for Congress and the White House to provide critical relief and economic stimulus. Contact Congressional and Administration representatives today to add your voice to this essential cause.

You can find the contact information for your Senators here.

You can read the letter from the charitable nonprofit sector here.

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