Happy Thanksgiving

You know what we’re all really thankful for at Faircom? For the fact that we are always in a position to be thankful! Our clients have incredibly generous, loyal, consistent, passionate donors who support them year after year, and we get the honor of thanking them, listening to them, responding to them.  

The clients we have do so much good in the world—fighting to preserve human rights and dignity, finding the cure to cancer, protecting the world’s most vulnerable species and treasures, assuring education, guaranteeing health care, promoting financial equality, ending poverty—but it’s our clients’ donors who make it all possible. Whether they give $5 or $5,000,000, donors are taking a real stake in what matters to them most and doing something about it. And we thank them. Each and every day.  

On Thanksgiving we can take a break to thank our families and loved ones, be thankful for the goodness in our lives and the bounty on our tables, and then be all the more eager to enter the final stretch of the year when people around the world support the clients we are so proud to represent.

Thank you to everyone who supports a cause they hold dear. Generous donors make the world a better place.  

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