Integrating DM + Online

Written by Sally Frank, Vice President

Here’s a quick and easy tip for an organization working to integrate direct mail and online. After sending a direct mail appeal, it is standard practice to follow up with a corresponding email. Having both print and digital communication channels allows donors to choose their preferred means of donating. But when it comes time to launch that email, many organizations are shocked by the low number of direct mail donor emails they have on record.Action Against Hunger2

Eighty five percent of the world’s online population send and receive emails, so the chances that your direct mail donors have an email address is pretty high. So why don’t you have their records? Well, chances are you’ve never asked for it. There’s no reason to request email addresses in a direct mail piece, and if you’re sending a donor an email you already have their address. So how do you reach out these supporters and request new information?

We recommend most of our clients follow a mail package with a correlated takeover box for their website. Scheduling it to pop up around the time the mailing hits homes will triple the impact of your messaging. When supporters read their email or direct mail piece, many will visit your organization’s website for more information. Having a pop up box requesting they sign up for more information or donate online will give you the chance to secure their email address and possibly convert them to an online donor. Plus, this allows non-donors and new supporters to learn about your campaign without even receiving your direct mail piece.

Tips for creating a take over box:

  • Keep it cost effective by reusing images and text from the mailing itself
  • Remember to use an appealing image to persuade people to click on the box
  • Keep the message integrated across all channels so you do not confuse donors

Looking for help creating your take-over box? Call us at 212-727-3876.

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