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For over 25 years Faircom New York has been helping nonprofits raise funds to change the world. Today, we are proud to introduce our newest partners:

For over 25 years Faircom New York has been helping nonprofits raise funds to change the world. Today, we are proud to introduce our newest partners:

Literacy Partners

Since 1973, Literacy Partners has helped more than 25,000 low-income immigrants make better lives for themselves and their families through free adult education classes in New York City. Our digital marketing team is collaborating with Literacy Partners to promote their virtual Literary and Social Justice Series, Words Shape Our World, and to strengthen the fundraising component of the initiative.

Organization for the Prevention of Blindness

The Organization for the Prevention of Blindness (French acronym: OPC) ensures the human right to sight and provides local research, treatments, and cures for people affected by blindness and blinding diseases in Francophone Africa since 1978. Created in France in 1978, OPC is now seeking support in the United States. Our global philanthropy and digital marketing teams work hand in hand to develop OPC’s visibility and fundraising in the United States through prospect research, email, Facebook advertising, SEO, and more.

The SAFE Alliance

The SAFE Alliance’s mission is to stop abuse for everyone by serving the survivors of child abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence. They are dedicated to ending violence through prevention, advocacy, and comprehensive services for individuals, families, and communities that have been affected by abuse. Our direct mail and digital marketing teams are developing integrated campaigns to improve the SAFE Alliance’s fundraising results and strengthen its support base.

The Glaucoma Foundation

The mission of The Glaucoma Foundation is to develop a cure for glaucoma through innovative research and collaboration. Founded in 1984, it is one of the first not-for-profit organizations dedicated to eradicating blindness from glaucoma. Our direct mail and digital marketing teams are crafting integrated campaigns to boost The Glaucoma Foundation’s fundraising, acquire new supporters, and strengthen relationships with current donors.

The Valley Hospital Foundation

The Valley Hospital Foundation supports the vital work of The Valley Hospital, Valley Home Care, and Valley Medical Group, which provide healthcare services to the northern New Jersey Community. Our team is helping the Valley Hospital Foundation brand their 70th-anniversary campaign and develop strong communications around the event.

We’re thrilled and honored to help these amazing organizations reach more supporters for their vital work.

We can help you too, whether your organization is looking to acquire new supporters or make the most out of your existing donor base. Discover our services and contact us.

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