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Molly, Faircom New York’s Chief Barketing Officer, has never been more excited to share great news: Faircom has partnered with FOUR PAWS!

FOUR PAWS was founded in Vienna in 1988 to protest the fur industry.  That’s why FOUR PAWS’ logo has a picture of a weasel.  Weasels were prized for their soft, shiny furs that fashion designers used to make coats and other garments.  Thanks to FOUR PAWS, weasels are no longer used for fur in Austria. From their local beginnings, FOUR PAWS grew into one of the world’s most effective animal rights organizations.

FOUR PAWS addresses the questions that many of you might have:  Do humans have the right to torture and slaughter chickens, cows and pigs by using intensive farming methods in the name of feeding ourselves?  Is it right to keep wild animals in circuses and zoos for our entertainment, or to kill fur animals for fashion?

FOUR PAWS acts worldwide to protect animals. With 14 sanctuaries owned and run by FOUR PAWS itself and an additional 10 partnership programs all operating to protect bears, elephants, big cats, domestic pets, sheep, pigs, and so many other species, FOUR PAWS rescues, rehabilitates, shelters and protects animals.  In addition to offering direct aid, FOUR PAWS lobbies politicians and businesses to bring about permanent improvements in animal welfare. FOUR PAWS teams have persuaded down producers and bedding manufacturers to exclude down from farms where live plucking and force feeding take place; they have pressed fashion companies not to use animal fur; they have advocated for the eradication of bear bile farms, illegal tiger trade, and the cruel market for dog and cat meat. Donations entrusted to FOUR PAWS are used responsibly and in the interests of animal welfare. When you give to FOUR PAWS, your donations are tax deductible.

The staff of Faircom are animal lovers and pet owners, many having rescued pets from shelters.  We are thrilled to partner with FOUR PAWS.

We invite your thoughts about animal rights.  Join the discussionClick here to email us.

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