Faircom Chosen By Several New Nonprofits to Strengthen Fundraising Programs

Faircom Chosen By Several New Nonprofits to Strengthen Fundraising Programs

In the past 30 years, Faircom New York has helped several hundreds nonprofit organizations in every charitable sector, from across the United States and abroad, to grow and make an impact around the world. Today, our nonprofit marketing agency is thrilled to welcome six new clients! We look forward to our partnerships with each of them.  

What You'll Learn

Nonprofit: The Fund for Global Human Rights  The Fund for Global Human Rights

The Fund for Global Human Rights is a nonprofit organization that gives grassroots activists the financial and strategic support they need to improve lives, mobilize movements, and build a better future for their communities. To identify opportunities for growth, Faircom New York first conducted a strategic fundraising audit and if now launching a direct mail program to diversify their audience. 

Nonprofit: Reset Dialogues (US)   Reset Dialogues (US)

Reset Dialogues (US) is a nonprofit organization that promotes cultural and religious pluralism, research, and the progress of human rights and democracy in different civilizational environments. Our Global Philanthropy team is working to develop their pool of supporters in the United States through prospect research and outreach. To that end, Faircom New York is also creating a case for support to articulate the vision of Reset Dialogues in a way that engages donors and explains why they should invest in Reset Dialogues’ important work.


Day One   Day One Foundation

AI, automation, and other emerging technologies are transforming the nature of work, and the Day One Foundation know that effectively supporting working people amidst these shifts requires anticipation, data, and planning. They are building tools, research, and training initiatives that will ensure a positive global economic revolution together with technological innovations. Our Global Philanthropy team is helping them create a case for support and conducting prospect research for organization leaders and funders. 

Nonprofit: Soleterre   Soleterre 

Since 2002, Soleterre has been working for the protection and recognition of the right to health in Italy and around the world. To help develop Soleterre’s visibility and fundraising in the United States, our Global Philanthropy and Digital Marketing teams are working hand in hand to conduct lead generation campaigns, develop Facebook ads, and advance search engine optimization (SEO). We also developed a peer-to-peer fundraising kit to support fundraising efforts for Ukraine. 

Nonprofit: Foot Soldiers Park   Foot Soldiers Park 

Foot Soldiers Park aims to preserve and commemorate the history of civil rights in Selma, Alabama, bringing economic and cultural revitalization to the city and its residents while simultaneously preparing the next generation of activists to continue the fight against racial injustice and voter suppression. Our Digital Marketing team is developing email marketing campaigns such as a personalized welcome series and Giving Tuesday campaign to boost the organization’s fundraising results while our Global Philanthropy team is supporting major donor growth through prospect research and outreach strategy. 

Nonprofit: Sunrise Association   Sunrise Association 

Sunrise Association is dedicated to bringing the joys of childhood back to children with cancer and their siblings around the world. Sunrise accomplishes this mission by creating and overseeing welcoming and inclusive summer day camps, year-round programs, and hospital-based recreational activities, all offered free of charge. Our Direct Marketing team is crafting direct response mail campaigns to acquire new supporters and strengthen relationships with current donors. 

We are proud and excited to have the opportunity to work with such amazing organizations. If your nonprofit needs help with marketing and fundraising as well, please do not hesitate to contact us on our website and follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter 

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