What’s Beyonce Got to do With Marketing?


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Whether you want to admit it or not, there is probably a little piece of you that wishes you were Beyoncé. Whether it’s her hair, looks, style, business savvy or vocal/dancing talent – she pretty much kills it in every avenue of her celebrity life.

Since her Destiny’s Child days we’ve been able to watch her rise to stardom, from making it on her own as a solo artist to dropping an album without a single piece of marketing. In fact, she has become such an idol in America and around that world that she doesn’t even need to market herself anymore. It has been over a year since she conducted an interview, but she still managed to land the coveted September Vogue issue and has the fourth highest number of Instagram followers of all time.

So what does all of this mean for Beyoncé and other brands trying to make it big? When I speak to fellow Beyoncé fans, everyone always assumes that we haven’t heard from her because she is busy working on a new album or video. No one considers that she might just be taking some time off. The reason why we’ve made these assumptions: Beyoncé’s convinced her audience that she is a high-achiever (and possible workaholic).

Beyoncé’s legacy goes to show how hard work, determination, creativity, and a strong following online and in-person can make a brand so powerful that they can actually stop, or slow down, their marketing. Obviously, we don’t recommend our clients give up after they’ve hit their target number of donations or goal for followers on social media, but we do acknowledge the benefits of mysteriously laying low or giving your donors/supporters a break from marketing and fundraising promotions. Splitting up fundraising emails with cultivation pieces, going on direct mail hiatus for a month after a particularly large campaign, or letting your ED take a break from interviews during the low fundraising months might actually help keep your unsubscribe and lapsed rates down, and encourage donors to give more when you become active again.

Building a brand so powerful and well known amongst your audience while shying away from the media is a truly difficult task. But, as long as a trusting relationship has been solidified and you’ve offered proof through the years that you are doing good work – even if it’s not on the front page of the news – your supporters will not question what’s going on behind the scenes.

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