Optimize Giving by Improving Your Donation Platform

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Did you know the average conversion rate for a nonprofit’s main website donation page is just 17% (M+R Benchmarks, 2022)?  

It’s hard to believe, since the donation page is the last step before converting a prospect into a donor and should therefore be a crucial point in any nonprofit’s fundraising strategy. It definitely deserves special attention. 

Receiving more donations starts with having a quality donation platform that provides the best user experience possible.  

So, how can you improve your donation page? Check these tips Carla San Vicente Cunha, our Senior Account Director of Digital Marketing, and Giselle Benatar, our Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, recently shared at a Women in Development event. 

You’ll learn about the user experience trends and best practices in 2022. How did COVID change online user experiences? What does it mean for your donation page? 

 You’ll also know how to start optimizing your donation page and have answers to the following questions: 

  • How to improve the user experience? 
  • How to effectively use the space on your donation form? 
  • How to create donation forms for specific campaigns and personalize them?  

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime! 

About the author
Carla San Vicente
Senior Account Director of Digital Marketing at Faircom NY

Carla brings over 10 years of marketing experience to the FaircomNY team. From her time at Montclair State Campus Recreation, she helped re-brand and strengthen their digital presence on social media, web, and email. She offers a unique and personalized approach to digital marketing implementation and strategy. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. For leisure, she enjoys visiting museums, hiking, and an avid reader of social science books.

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